If you do not know your company ID username or password

1. Check if someone in your same company already knows it.
2. Ask your factory Regional Manager or request they set up your company.

3. New usernames can be set up through your PPC Regional Manager.

You may provide us any company username-
(think of it as a user ID whole company shares)
Example: ABCcompany_Orders

Passwords must be complicated enough to not be guessed by web robots.
Regional managers will approve or deny password as acceptable or not.

4. Anyone with your company ID and password will be able to access open PO's and open invoices after they are logged into partner website. If you do not wish to have this service offered to everyone, then do not share company password and make sure your Regional Manager is aware not to share with others in your company either.

Log in with Company ID and password
This is a username and password your company shares- not your individual P3 login

Company Username:

> System updates at night- current day entries are not visable.
> Orders awaiting drafting approval are not visible
> Municipal orders in submittal (with PPC project manager) not visible

> Only approved orders released to manufacturing to build will show